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Regenerate thumbnails with WP-CLI

You can easily regenerate thumbnails with WP-CLI, just type $ wp media regenerate –yes in the command line. The –yes flag answers yes to the confirmation message. WP-CLI documentation

Search and replace content with WP-CLI

$ wp search-replace ‘[shortcode_1]’ ‘[shortcode_2]’ wp_posts –skip-columns=”post_title,post_name” Replaces [shortcode_1] with [shortcode_2] from wp_posts table and skips columns post_title and post_name. Add –dry-run flag if you want to see the results without applying changes.

Change site url with WP-CLI

$ wp search-replace ‘site1.fi’ ‘site2.fi’ First parameter is the old URL and second parameter is the new URL If you want to see the report without applying changes add –dry-run flag like in example below. $ wp search-replace ‘site1.fi’ ‘site2.fi’ –dry-run Changing site url in WordPress multisite $ wp search-replace ‘site1.fi’ ‘site2.fi’ ¬†–url=’site1′ Read more […]

Install WordPress plugins with WP-CLI

Install plugin $ wp plugin install w3-total-cache Install and activate plugin $ wp plugin install w3-total-cache –activate Plugins can be installed by plugin slug, path to local zip file or external URL. See more options at WP-CLI documentation

Install WordPress with WP-CLI

Download WordPress core files $ wp core download You can download WordPress in your language with adding option –locale=your_language_code to the command. Check the list of localizations for your locale. See documentation for all the other options. Create wp-config.php file $ wp core config –dbname=your_db –dbuser=your_db_user –dbpass=your_db_password –dbhost=your_db_host Required parameters are: dbname: Database name dbuser: […]